PT Dan Liris Installs New SHIMA SEIKI MACH2XS Machine

28 March 19

Prominent textiles and garment manufacturer Danliris recently installed a new auto cutter to its weaving division and significantly enhance the capacity and quality of the products produced. The SHIMA SEIKI MACH2XS 153 has one of the latest in knitting technology from Japan. The machine features the world’s first application of SHIMA SEIKI patented spring-type sinkers on a 4-needle machine, thus able to knit complex fabrics at a rate of 1.6 meters per second (around 40 minutes per garment) and without the need for stitching.


Furthermore, the machine can be highly customized to produce garments at various speeds without sacrificing quality. As Dan Liris looks towards the future, the company will continue to diversify its manufacturing services so as to better accommodate to the dynamic needs of today’s local and international clothing brands and therefore place the company at the forefront of the lucrative global garment manufacturing industry.