Producing more than 88,300 bales per annum utilising 98,000 spindles, the division is organised into three units each specialising in a different types of yarn.



Established in 1974, our weaving division currently use 301 air jet loom machines to produce more than 36 million meters of unfinished fabric per annum.


Dyeing, Finishing & Printing

Our Dyeing, Finishing & Printing Division has garnered a reputation as the foremost specialist for novelty dyed fabrics and printed batiks.



We have formed longstanding relationships with some of the world’s biggest brands who recognise our high operational standards.

About Us

Established in 1974 in Solo, Central Java, Danliris is a fully-integrated Indonesian textile and garment manufacturer delivering high-quality products to over 20 countries as well as the domestic Indonesian market. Supported by our 7,000-strong skilled human resources and state-of-the-art machinery, we produce a wide range of fabrics through our spinning, weaving, finishing and printing division, in addition to our dynamic garment unit.


Years of Experience


Skilled Human Resources


Countries We Export To


Sewing Machines in Operation


Sustainability is imprinted into the DNA of Dan Liris as a core pillar of our vision and mission. At a group level, it informs our overarching corporate strategy and the development of the group’s ecosystem as to how different business units can support each other in their sustainability efforts. We have a number of initiatives underway that utilize waste from the textile production process to produce new yarns and fabrics as well as homeware and other handicrafts.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a company with a longstanding commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR), Danliris carries out effective CSR programmes that bring about positive benefits the local and international community. Our CSR initiatives involve the construction of schools in the Sukoharjo area and scholarships for elementary, middle, and high school students — this also includes the children of Danliris employees.

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Please view our corporate video to learn more about Dan Liris Group and our fully integrated operations that range from upstream textile manufacturing to garment production and retail. We have garnered decades of experience in the local and international market to provide complete end to end solutions for our customers.

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