Our Weaving Division at Danliris was first established in 1974 was one of the first operating units in the company’s history. Having experienced rapid growth since then, our Weaving Division has increased the size of its workforce in addition to modernizing the production process; we currently use 301 air jet loom machines to produce more than 36 million meters of unfinished fabric per annum. Furthermore, we also produce greige fabric which is sold to markets in Europe and Asia in addition to local buyers.


Through our Weaving Division we produce:

Polyester Cotton Combed

100% Cotton Combed

100% Cotton Carded

100% Polyester

Polyester Rayon

100% Rayon

100% Tencel


Dobby Weave

Plain, Twill, Satin, Oxford & Pique


Gingham/Yarn Dyed




Through our Weaving Division, we have the capacity to produce woven strands that can be interlaced into different patterns. Once the yarn is selected, the amount of warp needed for the fabric is then calculated and our specialist technicians will monitor the warping process for any flaws or pulls; mending any imperfections.

Moreover, as part of our ongoing plans to diverse our manufacturing services, the Weaving Division also produces Jacquard woven fabric. This type of weaving system allows for greater versatility and diversity in creating textured patterns; our facilities enable us to produce a vast number of patterns from stripes, to florals and polka dots. Available in a variety of fiber compositions and weight such as wool, cotton, silk, and linen — the fabric is also durable and strong.

Weaving Division

Adhering to our clients’ requirements, we select the finest yarns through which we examine all aspects of the material from the fibre type, its thickness, its strength, and how it will be spun — each variable will impact the final product.

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