The New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about new challenges for all businesses as they try to adapt to the challenge of providing a safe and secure workspace for their employees while trying to maintain business as usual. At Dan Liris, employee well being has always been a priority therefore the company has made a number of adjustments to ensure that our staff are able to feel completely comfortable while carrying out their work including the provision of face masks and additional cleaning measures throughout the premises.

Furthermore, a poly-clinic is available onsite for employees who are feeling unwell or experiencing any symptoms related to the virus so that they can access medical assistance quickly and easily.


Wear a Face Mask

Face coverings are worn throughout the premises at all times


Wash Your Hands Regularly

Numerous hand washing basins have been set up throughout the facilities


Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizing equipment is made available to employees at various locations on site


Social Distancing

The workspace and communal areas have been reorganised to allow for social distancing


Deep Cleaning

Additional cleaning measures are being undertaken, particularly for touchpoints such as doorhandles


Avoiding Face Touching

Staff are advised to avoid touching their face and eyes


Avoiding In Person Meetings

Where possible, management are avoiding face to face meetings and meeting virtually


If in Doubt, Stay at Home

Staff are advised to stay at home if they are experiencing any symptoms


Self Quarantine

Employees are advised to self quarantine if they have had exposure to anyone who has tested positive

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